Logic Pro x

Our intensive and exciting Logic Pro X classes are designed to teach you how to effectively use Logic has to offer to create professional productions and recordings. 
The course can be taken on a one to one individual tuition basis or in a group class whichever suits your specific learning requirements. This Logic Pro X course is also particularly suitable for people who are thinking of purchasing a home studio or an Apple Mac. Our tutors are able to offer informed and impartial advice that will help you choose the best combination of hardware and software to suit your budget.

During the course you go through the subjects necessary to use Logic Pro X in an efficient and productive manner. The overall objective of the course is to enable the student to produce songs in their preferred musical style, using the tools within Logic covering the following areas: 

          Introduction to Logic X and equipment
          Sequencing and audio recording
          Sound editing and manipulation
          Sampling (exs24) and synthesis
          Composition, arrangement and song structure
          Production techniques and programming
           Creative use of fx processors
          • Mixing and mastering