The Rhythm Studio’s full-time Music Performance & Production courses for 16 years + are designed to prepare students for a career in the music industry. Through practical work you will discover how to perform and produce the music you love. You will also learn what successful music professionals are doing now, as well as looking at how the industry has changed in the digital age and how it might develop in the future.


Level 3 Diploma - Music Performance & Production

A course for experienced performers and producers who are ready to develop practical skills for university and a career in the creative industries.


Level 2 Diploma - Music Production & Business

A course designed for students who are passionate about music and ready to learn production skills and enhance their knowledge of the music industry.

“It was really good to have Albert in the studio today. Very talented! Would love to talk to you about potentially giving him a chance to have some more regular mentoring sessions at Kensaltown during the spring.”
—  Martin Terefe - Grammy Award winning producer, founder of Kensaltown Records