FranceSca Pichel


Francesca loved singing from an early age. Growing up with Bob Dylan and Maria Callas at the same time, she learned to appreciate many different sounds and genres. With an everlasting passion to listen over and over again to singers that enchanted her, she is now a professional singer with more than ten years of experience in the music industry.

After her graduation at the School of Arts in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, her musical taste brought her to live in West-Africa. Some say that that's where the roots of pop music, the blues and jazz, were born. While Francesca was there for her musical research, Grammy-award winning pop star Youssou N'Dour asked her to perform the part of Neneh Cherry in the hit '7 Seconds' on television in his homeland Senegal. 

Francesca has performed in New Zealand, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. Francesca now lives in London, where she found a real desire to use her musical talents to teach and continually studies the effects of music on the brain. She also writes and makes music together with Rocco Brunori, under the name of Brown Sugar Society.