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Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy *
The Rhythm Studio's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are detailed below.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Lesson fees are due at the beginning of each term and must be settled within seven days of the start of term.

  2. Classes at The Rhythm Studio take place at a regular time each week during term-time. 48 hours notice is required to change the date and time of a lesson.  Full payment is required for lessons that are cancelled or rescheduled with less that 48 hours notice.

  3. The Rhythm Studio’s teaching staff is made up of professional gigging musicians. As a result, on occasions your lesson may need to be covered by another member of The Rhythm Studio team.

  4. In the event that a student wishes to discontinue lessons in the middle of a term, the student will still be liable to pay the fees for those lessons not taken during the remainder of that term. In exceptional circumstances, class fees may be carried over to the following term.

  5. In the interests of each student’s wellbeing whilst taking lessons at the The Rhythm Studio, the school must be informed of any relevant medical or other condition affecting the student.

  6. The Rhythm Studio advises all students taking drum kit lessons and band sessions to wear hearing protection during lessons. For more information about hearing protection, ask your teacher. 

  7. The Rhythm Studio will use the information you have provided on the registration form (and any updated information) in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

  8. The Rhythm Studio will send occasional e-newsletters to the email address provided for each registered student, in order to update students with details of important school events. The Rhythm Studio may also send occasional SMS alerts in order to provide this information to students.

  9. The Rhythm Studio may feature photographs and film images of its students taking part in school events on its website at and on other appropriate social media, including The Rhythm Studio's Facebook page.  If you do not wish to appear in these images please let The Rhythm Studio know in writing.